Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Job Search Mistakes Everybody Makes

#3: You believe networking yields instant results.

After all this research, I think the next guide I write will be for those just starting college. News flash: successful networking doesn’t start 2 months before graduation. If you’ve missed the boat on this one, be prepared to spend some time building relationships.

I get emails that say “I don’t get it! I called them and they didn’t call back!” or “These people liked me and said to keep in touch. How annoying! I want a job offer now!” I’m sorry if you believed signing up for Twitter would single handedly land you a job.

This is going to be a process. It’s going to take time. Be patient. I know it sucks that you can’t tell all of your annoying relatives and “Type A” friends that you aren’t sure what you’re doing after graduation, but you need to ride the wave.

Any job search mistakes you can add here? What's your take on this article? Comment below!

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