Friday, October 23, 2009

3 False Beliefs College Grads Have

2. “That’s not my ideal job, so I won’t bother applying”

The recession has decreased the quantity of jobs available for recent graduates, and those jobs that are available are often not the “ideal” jobs grads are looking for. The most common reasons new grads may not bother applying to certain jobs are:

• Salary - “too low”
• Job title/duties – “not important enough”
• Location – “not close to my family/friends”
• Industry/company – “not my favorite one”

The biggest difference today is between a college graduate having a job or not having a job, not between living in Seattle and living in Miami, or between working in the tech industry and working in the entertainment industry. A job seeker must realize that a job that reasonably falls within their major is a pathway to career advancement, networking opportunities, and of course, and income.

Stop believing: “That’s not my ideal job, so I won’t bother applying”
Start thinking: “This job gets my foot in the door in a company, gives me experience, and the connections I may make here may prove to be invaluable in the future”

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