Friday, October 23, 2009

3 False Beliefs College Grads Have

3. “If I only knew the CEO/VP of a company, my life would be set!”

Here’s a commonly-believed scenario from the article “Debunking Job Networking Myths for College Grads

“You: I know Darren – he’s a big shot at Accenture. He said you’d give me a job.

Recruiting Director: Of course, I will. You’re hired. We’ll see you on Monday morning at 9:00. I’m assuming $200,000 will work for you as your new IT Specialist salary.

Sadly, that’s not what networking is all about”

Job networking is not about being handed a job on a silver platter because you know someone, it is about getting noticed; standing out from the crowd because of a referral.

Yes, you may get sent to the hiring manager’s office for an interview quicker when you do have a referral rather than when you don’t, but once you are there it’s all on you: can you prove to the interviewer that you are qualified for the job? Are you likeable and confident? If not, the referral was just wasted.

Networking is tremendously important when looking for a job, and getting a referral basically means you’ve been prescreened by a trusted employee and you have a good chance of getting an interview. It is important to remember however, that networking does not guarantee you a job; it improves your chances of getting one.

Stop thinking: “If I only knew the CEO/VP of a company, my life would be set!”
Start believing: “Networking won’t guarantee me a job, but it will get me an interview faster.”

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