Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Ways to improve your job networking

16. Avoid Siberia:
A room's entrance is the best place to meet people or start a group. Avoid the back of the room- networking Siberia. It's a cold and lonely place. Come early and then, from this prime location, greet people as they arrive. Renew acquaintances and make new ones.

17. Great Way to Reconnect:
Read the business section of the newspapers for recent promotions, award winners and job changes. If you see someone that you know, even someone from your distant past, send that person a congratulatory note. Email is okay, but a handwritten note is better because it's the personal touch.

18. Be Email Friendly:
Keep them short, just one very brief paragraph with one subject per email. If you have an article that you think your contact might like, paste it into the body of the email and highlight what might be of interest. Avoid attachments.

19. To Send or Not To Send?:
Before you email anything to anyone, ask yourself: Is what I am about to send going to contribute anything to this person's busy day. If it isn't, don't send it.

20. The Name Game:
Nicetomeetyou is not a name, but a common repsonse on meeting someone- avoid it. Always introduce yourself by name and exchange a business card. You have just given yourself a fighting chance of that person remembering who you are.

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