Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Ways to improve your job networking

7. Business Guru Tom Peters Calls it A ‘Name Card” for a Reason:
Some folks are reluctant to give out their business card because they think it’s too forward or pushy. Relax. It is just piece of paper with your name and coordinates. But, it’s a key step in the N.E.T.W.O.R.K dance.

8 Meishi Manners:
In Japan the exchange of meishi (business cards) is a high art. A card is presented respectfully with two hands, name facing towards the recipient. The card is acknowledged. It is never taken and casually stuffed in your pocket, without a glance. Treat a person’s card with interest and respect.

9. Smile Power:
Positive Networking starts with a smile. You smile at someone and they smile back. It’s automatic because the brain is hard-wired to function this way. A smile opens the door to friendly communication. It’s your best networking asset. Never leave home without it.

10. Sooner Rather than Later:
In business the best time to exchange cards is when you first meet. Make it a natural part of your introduction so there’s none of the anxiety of wondering when you should do the exchange.

11. Tag Teammates Make Networking More Fun:
Travel in pairs just like the FBI. They know the importance of good back-up. When you travel in pairs, you have a sense of support and security. A skilled tag teammate is your saftey net in a crowd of perfect- or not so perfect- strangers.

12. Good Networking Math 1 + 1 = 4:
When sitting at a table of eight or ten put at least two people between you and your tag teammate. That way you will meet four new people and not two. Bad math. Good rule.

13. The Step Forward Rescue:
If your partner doesn't introduce you to someone immediatley, it's your cue that your partner cannot remember the person's name. Step forward, extend your hand, intorduce yourself and get the person's name. Now you have helped your tag teammate out.

14. You've Got to Kiss A Lot of Frogs:
One event does not make a network. To build a network you have to be there. Try to go to one event per week. Set a goal of seven new contacts per week. At the end of three years you will have a network of more than 1,000 contacts- and their networks. And, you dont actually have to kiss those frogs- you just have to give them your business card.

15. Circulate in the Pond:
Positive Networking is about meeting people and building your network. At events, avoid the temptation to stagnate- talking only to people you know. Remember the Postitive Networking goal of meeting seven new people at each event. This may require you stepping outside of comfort zone.

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