Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Common LinkedIn Mistakes Online Job Seekers Make

5. Having no (or only 1 or 2) recommendations.

Solicit recommendations that reinforce your brand and the best you have to offer.

6. Not immediately generating chemistry in the Summary section with value proposition and differentiating positioning statements.

Capture attention above the fold and convince people to continue reading down through your entire profile. Include big numbers and brand names of your companies and customers. Reminds you of writing your resume, doesn't it?

7. Not including your “Interests” in the Additional Information section at the bottom of your profile.

Talk briefly about your passions here and further generate chemistry to help hiring professionals get a feel for what kind of job candidate you are. Writing a brief bit about your favorite hobbies may attract those who share the same ones.

8. Not reinforcing your executive brand throughout your profile.

9. Not proofreading and re-proofreading and having someone else proofread your profile for typos and grammatical errors.

10. Not having a 100% complete profile.

LinkedIn suggests that when your profile is 100% complete, your chances of rising toward the top of LinkedIn searches greatly improves.

Here’s what you need to be 100% complete:

A current position
Two past positions
Profile summary
A profile photo
At least three recommendations

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