Friday, October 23, 2009

15 Twitter Job Search Apps for New Grads

6. HashDictionary- #Hashtags are a way on Twitter to group certain conversations about a particular subject. If you want your Tweet to be included in a special grouping put the group’s #hashtag somewhere in your Tweet and it will be grouped with other updates using the same hashtag. is a community based dictionary for hashtags on Twitter. Hash tags have been described as collective digital bookmarks and are widely used throughout Twitter. If you want to you can also search the most popular hashtags at or Tagal. Many hash tags are job/career-related and can really help in your job search.

7. JobMotel – Allows you to search web developer jobs listed on Twitter. From what I can tell JobMotel mines Twitter for web dev related jobs and rss feeds them onto their site.

8. TweetDeck – One of the more popular Twitter 3rd party application, Tweetdeck is a desktop application that acts as your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening by connecting you with your contacts on Twitter. With TweetDeck you are able to create groups from Twitter users and have all those tweets filtered into one screen. It also lets you do a search for a specific topic and get a live feed every time someone Tweets about that topic. It helps out with your job search because you can create a filter for the companies you are interested in, see what the Twitterverse is saying about them and be aware when they post open jobs.

9. TweetMyJobs – TweetMyJobs is a service that brings recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers together on Twitter. They create Twitter Channels for major cities and job types, and an easy-to-use interface to subscribe to those channels. You will get instant notification of any new jobs as a text message on your cell phone. In your job search all you have to do it create an account on Twitter and TweetMyJobs, subscribe to the desired Job Channels, and have any new openings automatically sent to your cell phone as a text message via Twitter. You can also access job openings on the web at TweetMyJOBS or Twitter.

10. VisualCV – Not quite a Twitter Application, but you can create your online resume on VisualCV and include a link to your resume in your Twitter Bio.

11. TwitterSearch – You can find job information on Twitter Search. Type in the keywords that are important to you it will display results with all tweets that have those keywords, you can either view all the tweets and follow the users or create a RSS feed to read the results later. Other Twitter Search applications are Just Tweet It and TwitterTroll .

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