Friday, October 23, 2009

15 Interesting Facts About the Stock Market

6. The three oldest stock exchanges in the United States are the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (1790), the New York Stock Exchange (1792), and the Boston Stock Exchange (1834).

7. The first publicly traded securities in the United States were $80 million in U.S. government bonds, issued in 1790 to refinance Revolutionary War debt.

8. In 1792, the Buttonwood Agreement, signed by twenty-four Wall Street brokers and merchants agreeing to trade securities on a common commission basis, established the New York Stock Exchange. The first listed company was the Bank of New York.

9. The first stock tickers and ticker tapes were used in 1867.

10. The highest-volume day on the NYSE was January 4, 2001, when 2,129,445,637 shares traded. The lowest was March 16, 1830, when only 31 shares traded.

11. The highest number at which the Dow Jones Industrial Average has closed is 11497.12, on December 31, 1999.

Miscellaneous Trivia

12. What stock has CASH for its symbol? First Midwest Financial, Inc.
13. What stock has BABY for its symbol? Natus Medical, Inc.
14. What stock had GRRR for its symbol? Lion Country Safari.
15. What stock has the symbol BOOT? Lacroose Footware, Inc.

A Ticker Tape Parade of Information
As I said, my comprehension of stocks and trading is limited, but there’s such a wealth of information about the history of the stock market out there that you don’t need a math degree to be interested in or understand it. I’m only scratching the surface here. And because what happens on Wall Street drives our nation’s finances, we really should know at least one or two facts about it.

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