Friday, October 23, 2009

13 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid

11. Not Updating Status. Every tweet is overkill but not updating your status is showing people that you are not active. Inactivity is showing that you are an infrequent visitor. Be active. Let people know what you are involved in, reading, etc. This is important because as a job candidate, companies will be impressed that you're up to speed on industry trends and news.

12. Failing to Comment on Comments. This is similar to comments on our blog. If someone comments, then respond to them. You are asking them to read, they are responding, take time to acknowledge their efforts.

13. Not Giving or Asking for Recommendations. Giving is easier than asking. I do not like to ask for them as I think that if I give one then that is sort of a nod back to that person to maybe give one back. Bad strategy ... probably but the importance is to give and then ask. As you go and look at your LinkedIn profile, look for ways to improve. We are all on limited time and to check this profile, that one, and the newest one that comes out is not easy. Staying involved with certain platforms that are making changes is a sign for what is to come. Agree? What have you done to enhance your profile and stand out as a job applicant?

One Last Thought On more than one occasion, students have been offered full time positions upon graduation with the very companies with whom they did their internship and co-op work. So, think about these jobs as terrific opportunities to get your foot in the door for something more permanent.

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