Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Words To NEVER Use On Your Resume

7) Knowledgeable: Everyone has knowledge of one sort or another. It comes from being alive and experiencing things. If you have a degree, tell us that. If you have specific knowledge relating to the job then you’ll be asked to demonstrate it in the interview. Use the valuable space in your resume to show us what you can do with what you know.

8) Logical: If you arrived at your results by logic, intuition or voodoo isn’t truly my concern. The only question that matters is if you’re going to be a profitable investment. A computer can follow a prescribed set of instructions and doesn’t earn overtime.

9) People Person: This is a truly vacuous term. It sounds pretty, nice and alliterative, but at what does it actually mean? Whether you like people or not is irrelevant, as is if they like you. It’s what you can do with your “people skills” that you’re getting paid for and we want to know if you’re going to be worth the money.

10) Successful: This is either self-evident or false. Without a definition of success to apply to your situation we can’t tell which one. Show us some successes, we’ll be much more impressed.

These words will not only make you look like everyone else, they might even throw out your application due to plagiarism or copyright fraud! Be specific in what you write and what you bring to the company in terms of business value.

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