Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Things College Has Taught Grads About Life

3. Social Networking

Good news, all that time you spent on MonsterCollege, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can actually help you get a job. Your relationships have loads of potential to get your resume in front of the right people. Knowing a lot of people and, more importantly, being respected by a lot of people is a huge part of modern professionalism. Since many jobs are never even posted, candidates can only find out about internal opportunities by tapping into their personal networks of extended connections. This means that your friend’s dad’s college roommate can totally help you get a job at their company. In bad news, it also means that your profile has the double-edged potential to keep you eternally unemployed. As you can imagine, pictures of you sloppily engaging in suspect activities is not the best first impression you can make with potential employers.

4. Boredom

At college, as in life, we occasionally become bored with the task at hand. Maybe we don’t really care about how igneous rocks formed when magma cooled intrusively or extrusively, or why the answer to this math problem is theta instead of cosine. The important thing to remember about boredom is that it’s temporary. While not entirely uncommon, boredom does not define the entire experience, nor should it derail you from focusing on goals. Boredom is just a symptom of any long-term activity. We entered college because we knew that a degree would give us an advantage in a competitive job market and because we wanted to learn and explore a variety of subjects and fields. Sure, we were occasionally required to take classes we didn’t particularly like or find interesting, but we didn’t quit because that would have prevented us from reaching our goal of graduation. Likewise, you will be bored on occasion in your professional existence, but, like in college, you will persevere. If you quit a job or dropped a class every time it failed to captivate, you would never get anywhere.

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