Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Signs Your Resume Needs Updating

5. Your resume lacks social media contact details

I will assume you have your phone number and email address on your resume. That’s great but to indicate how tech savvy you are, you will want to include your public Linkedin and other professional networking details. Facebook and Twitter are optional; only include these if they are employee friendly. In case you have a blog, put the URL on your document as long as your blog looks professional and it's consistently updated.

6. You break out objectives

It is pretty obvious that you are seeking more knowledge and experience in the career path you have chosen. One major clue was you applying for this particular job. Writing about what you want is doing it the wrong way around. You should focus on what you can do for the company, tune in to their WIIFM and entice them to get you in for an interview. The cover letter is an excellent place to tell the world your reasons for wanting this job.

7. You have listed all your jobs

Having longer experience than other candidates no longer guarantees you the job. Back in the day that might have been the case but in today’s economy it’s the individual with the most relevant skills to do the job that is in pole position. You should refrain from listing your jobs that have no relevance to the position you applied for. What you could do is grouping the all together under Various Jobs and simply list the titles.

8. Terminology

Try not to describe yourself in job specification language; duties, tasks, responsible for etc. You will want to focus on your accomplishments, which is much more interesting reading and will sell yourself better.

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