Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Signs your Resume Needs Updating

9. References available (and happily supplied on request)

No need to write that in your resume, it’s only wasting space. Surely this is implied when you apply for a job anyway? If you want to show off you references, write up another document with the people, titles, how you know each other and be ready to hand this over when it will really help you, perhaps when you are head to head with only one other candidate. And it’s worth noting that most companies don’t actually check references until the very end of a selection process.

10. Thinking it's now up to scratch

You resume is a constant live document that need to be fine tuned, tweaked and calibrated. Make a habit out of reviewing it on a monthly basis and benchmarking it against your friends and colleagues to ensure you are on top of your game.

Now that you have thoroughly scrutinized your resume, time to see if you have a Cover Letter that is actually going to secure you interviews.

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