Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Rules for a Phenomenal Job Interview

Rule 6: Be confident, not arrogant.

There is a fine line between being confident and sure of your abilities, and starting every sentence with “I.” Confidence is what they want to see in an interview and if you are applying for a job that uses what you are good at, and you are passionate about doing, you will be confident. If you interview for jobs that don’t match your interests, talents and passions, you will find that you have to make yourself sound greater and more “extraordinary.” This is what makes you sound arrogant. So, be casual and confident. Go into the interview knowing you are a good fit for the job and will be able to make a big difference. Don’t be humble. Don’t be arrogant. Be confident.

Rule 7: Make sure you know all the facts.

Be sure you know the expectations, pay rate, working conditions, benefits, and any specific details of the job; confirm your understanding of the details of the position during your interview. This not only ensures you are well informed so you can make a good decision about accepting or not accepting the job, but it also shows the interviewer that you have done your homework to understand the company and are ensuring your understanding is accurate and complete. This shows focus, conscientiousness and commitment – all attributes needed in any position.

Rule 8: Look for common ground.

There are studies out that support that we connect best to people who share similar interests or attributes with us. As you approach your interview, notice pictures, objects, awards and other things that first give you information about the interviewer, but also help you see areas about which you both can connect. If you both have coached soccer, lived in a section of a city, drive a certain car, etc…you have some commonality. This makes the interview more personal and more comfortable for both.

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