Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Resume Sins to Avoid

8. Too long resume length.

For most positions in the entry to six-figure range, a two page resume should suffice. In fact, a one-page resume is sufficient for most individuals with less than 8 years of experience. Very few will care about the second page let alone make it to reading your third page. It is your most current experience that matters and that should be listed prominently, in a chronological format as the first item you elaborate on.

9. Cluttered Appearance.

Even a two-page resume may be unattractive to read if it is simply blocks of ongoing paragraphs packed into small, narrow page margins. Using bulletized lists breaks up and helps highlight strengths and features of your skills. Make sure you spend more time discussing what you’re doing in your current job than having two sentences on the current job and three paragraphs elaborating what you did back during college.

10. Omitting an Objective (While trying to make a career change).

If you are attempting a career change, the resume “Objective Statement” will be critical. Chances are your skills may not fit the job openings perfectly and the objective will help explain why you are submitting a resume for a job that is not necessarily the perfect fit. Written correctly, the Objective Statement alone (which is usually one of the first items a hiring manager or interviewer reads after the contact info) is enough to trigger a return call.

Each one of these tips can increase your chances of an interview “Call Back” by 100%! This means if you receive just one call within a certain week which you might not have because you followed that tip … you just increased your interview chances 100%.

Now imagine what can happen when you incorporate every tip outlined here … and spent time with either an expert resume writer or staffing consultant to coach you.

Your interview probability ratio will climb many hundreds of percentages as you “precision engineer” the resume so that it accomplishes its maximum potential of resulting in returned calls and interview invitations!

An excellent example of a conventional, popular resume format is found at Purdue University’s website.

Try this: Have a friend or colleague you trust look at the resume. After handing it to the person, remove it immediately in exactly five seconds.

Now ask what they remember seeing on it. If this sounds like a severe situation, it is not. That is representative of the net time and attention your resume will get in the course of a hyper-busy work day at any typical company. It better have contained precious verbiage and key terms that makes that person want it back to read more … or you will never hear back from them.

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