Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Resume Mistakes That Ruin Your Job Search

4. Using hard to read fonts and formatting

Before your resume reaches human eyes, it will likely pass through an applicant tracking software system that will determine whether your resume should be moved forward. Fancy fonts and formatting are unreadable to the software and will be rejected immediately. In addition, since recruiters and hiring managers will generally review the resume electronically first, online readability is essential. Use simple, clear fonts and avoid fancy lines and graphics.

5. Listing references on your resume

Your references are a vital resource and you don’t want to disrespect their willingness to help you by spamming their contact information to every company that you apply to. Instead, list them on a separate sheet that you provide only when requested as part of the interview process. In addition, there is no need to include the line “references available on request” on your resume. It is assumed and just wastes space.

6. Including salary expectations

Never include salary related points in the resume. It will distract the reader's attention and you may lose the chance to interview. It's better to keep it out of your resume completely. If this information is requested in a job application it is better to include the information in the cover letter. It is also better to use a wide range for salary rather than a specific number.

7. Failing to include reason for leaving

If you have gaps in your resume or if you have made job changes that may seem questionable on paper, answer the questions on your resume. A hiring manager will ask and answer the question for you if the information is not provided which is not in your best interest.

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