Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Online Personal Branding Tips

4. We used to say “what words describe my personality” but today because we must project more externally “define your key brand attributes”.

Simply put what adjectives best define/describe you and what you bring to a future employer. It is worthwhile doing 2 lists: 1) How you describe yourself and 2) How your friends/past employers might describe you. Words like focused, team player, passionate, driven, ethical, real, caring, subtle can be used but many more exist.

5. Strengths and Weaknesses – Do a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis.

Yes look at your weakness but don’t dwell. Look at what areas, either functional or responsibility based that you excel at or enjoy (they might be different!). What has the “boss” always come to you for? Or if you suddenly left your company what skills or attributes would they have difficulty in replacing? You might be a great at seeing problems “ahead of the game” or “you focus on detail”, “you mentor newbies” etc. There are many so think and list them all.

6. Ask Others – gather Feedback from those at Work and at Home 

Might hurt a little bit but go find out the reality vs. perception. Don’t forget that your “real personal brand” is how/what others see/think of you. So authenticity is an absolute. How does your SWOT compare with theirs?

7. Who is my Target Audience?

This can be defined in two ways – those who I directly want to influence, line managers, Heads of Departments etc. Where do they hang out, what blogs, groups, social sites are they looking at and “what are the buzz and keywords they look for and attract their attention? The second group are influencers, these might be recruiters who are “given the task by the line manager to find you”. Where are they? What are looking for? How can I attract them?

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