Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Common Facebook Job Search Mistakes

6. Saying anything negative about anyone you’ve ever worked with or for. It’s the rule in an interview, and therefore in any other forum where your interviewers might catch you. Your next employer wants to hire people who won’t trash their reputation. Don’t give them reason to question your professionalism.

7. Talking about job prospects. What did you think of the interview you had today? Be very careful what you say. Anything other than “I’m excited about an opportunity!” might come back to bite you in the rear. Plus, if another potential employer catches up with you, do you want the fact that you’re interviewing elsewhere to be public knowledge? Control your job search activity.

8. Selectively friending your colleagues. If you friend half the people in your office, but decline requests from others, consider the impact on your brand. Who might be offended? Feel left out? How does that affect your professional image? Decide on a personal policy when it comes to friending professional contacts, and make sure it considers more than who you like, or who you’d meet for a beer at happy hour.

9. Using profanity. There’s nothing like a well-timed cuss word for conversational impact, but its impact on your reputation is a little different. Swearing used to connote a lack of intelligence — now the perception of swearing is different but still not what you want for your job search. Keep it PG.

10. Divulging personal information, like medical conditions, your romantic relationships, or anything that you wouldn’t normally volunteer in a job interview. Some of this information your next employer just doesn’t want to know for legal reasons, and other information will seriously impede your ability to present yourself as a professional.
and a bonus mistake…

11. Assuming privacy. Even email or private messages aren’t truly private. Never say anything online that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or boss to read. If you play it that way, you never have to worry about what might turn up.

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