Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Big Tips for Recent College Grads

6. Create an emergency cash fund. I like to have 6 months of living expenses as an emergency fund, some folks say 3 months but having more money in the bank makes me feel all tingly and safe at night.

7. Take risks with your career / job. Now is the time to develop a business or work extra hard at work and demand more responsibility. Just think, there is really nothing at risk: most new grads do not have a family, mortgage, car payment, etc. so you can let your career or business idea be at the center of your universe.

8. Network. Keep in close contact with ex-student friends, professors, etc. The ex-Prof you had beers with may help you land a job or know of alumni that can help.

9. Think like an entrepreneur and don't settle. Your brain is actually sharper in your early twenties and things like critical thought, logic, and creativity will only worsen with age so think big and try to develop the next great consumer product, web site, information product, non-profit, etc. Oh, on the settling part, if you think you have a certain feeling that you would be good at something, but see a direct path to be a lawyer or teacher don't settle for a teaching gig, for example, just because it's safe. Anything that's worth something requires failure and not settling for mediocrity (nothing against lawyers and teachers!).

10. Delay getting married and starting a family. This one may be subjective, but I don't see any reason to rush into getting married and starting a family. If you get married you'll need your own place and kids are often a close second (and those little guys require $$$)

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